2015 Scripps National Spelling Bee (88th) Wikipedia

Participants: 283 (originally 285 but 2 didn’t show up)

Total Words: 750 (722 excluding vocabulary)

Winning Words: scherenschnitte, nunatak

Bee Week Guide

Semifinalists (non-Championship Finalists): Victor Sutton (T-39th), Jillian Fusi (T-39th), Monisha Mahadevan (T-39th), Sara-Beth McPherson (T-39th), Nathaniel Britton (T-39th), Christine Farnberg (T-39th), Dylan O’Connor (T-39th), Akshra Paimagam (T-39th), Rohan Sachdev (T-39th), Abhilash Yarlagadda (T-39th), Shiv Lamba (T-39th), Eesha Sohail (T-22nd), Jenna-May Ingal (T-22nd), Aniket Nuthalapati (T-22nd), Cy Orentlicher (T-22nd), Lily Mears (T-22nd), River Blount (T-22nd), Arushi Kalpande (T-22nd), Jairam Hathwar (T-22nd), Owen Kovalik (T-22nd), Lipika Narisetti (T-22nd), William Yaeger (T-22nd), Smrithi Upadhyayula (T-22nd), Michelle Yakubek (T-22nd), Shobha Dasari (T-22nd), Muriel Cotman (T-22nd), Arjun Jagjivan (T-22nd), Katharine Wang (T-22nd), Marcus Behling (T-11th), Cooper Komatsu (T-11th), Vaishnavi Suren (T-11th), Christy Jestin (T-11th), Maxwell Meyer (T-11th), Sai Vishudhi Chandrasekhar (T-11th), Srinath Mahankali (T-11th), Manu Nair (T-11th), Melina Gabele (T-11th), Samuel Pereles (T-11th), Ankita Vadiala (T-11th)

Championship Finalists: Siyona Mishra (T-9th), Sylvie Lamontagne (T-9th), Paul Keaton (T-7th), Tejas Muthusamy (T-7th), Snehaa Ganesh Kumar (T-4th), Dev Jaiswal (T-4th), Siddharth Krishnakumar (T-4th), Cole Shafer-Ray (3rd, the only speller in the competition who didn’t tie for a place!), Gokul Venkatachalam (T-1st), Vanya Shivashankar (T-1st)

Preliminaries Test Seating Chart

Preliminaries Test

Preliminaries Test Form

Preliminaries Test Sample Answer Sheet

Preliminaries Test Sample Score Results

Semifinalist Cutoff Score: 29/36

Round Two Study Guide

Round Two Study Words

Round 2

Round 2 Vocabulary

Round Three Study Guide

Round Three Study Words

Round 3

Round 3 Vocabulary

Summary Results for the Preliminaries

Semifinals Test

Semifinals Test Form

Semifinals Test Sample Answer Sheet

Semifinals Test Sample Score Results

Points Earned through the End of the Semifinals Test

Round 5

Round 5 Vocabulary

Round 6

Round 6 Vocabulary

Points Earned through the End of the Semifinals

Summary Results for the Semifinals

Championship Finalist Cutoff Score: 61/72

Round 7

Round 9

Round 10

Round 11

Round 12

Round 13

Round 14

Round 15

Round 16

Round 17

Round 18

Round 19

Round 20


Mark Bowen/Scripps National Spelling Bee

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