The Consolidated Word List

NOTE: Due to copyright laws, files on this page had to be taken down. However, lists which are even more efficient and comprehensive are in development and will be released soon. Sign up to stay tuned.

Consolidated Word List Preface

This is a major (Scripps-issued) list of 23,413 words released in 2004.  It is ‘a compilation of over 100 Scripps National Spelling [B]ee word lists dating as far back as 1950’.  43% (10,139) of the words have the part of speech, language of origin, pronunciation, definition, and sentences already provided.  The Consolidated Word List (sometimes referred to as the CWL) has three categories:

(7,740 words; 66% with word information)

(9,058 words; 40% with word information)

(6,615 words; 22% with word information)

Here is a file I synthesized that contains the entire list!!  I fixed all the reported errors from the original version of the CWL, too!  This took me hours upon hours of work, so I hope it helps!

  • Consolidated Word List (Full)

While this list has many words that are likely to show up, it also has lots of words (such as fleet) that are not necessarily national-caliber.  Sort through to find the words you need, or go to The Hardest Words in the Consolidated Word List page.

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