2020 School Bee Supplement


A comprehensive downloadable guide for ambitious spellers who want to conquer their Classroom and School Bees! It contains everything you need to be all-but unstoppable, including

  • 1,300 carefully handpicked words, containing an estimated 96.0% of the 2020 Classroom and School Additional Words that come at the end of the Bees
  • all 450 words and definitions on the 2019-2020 Scripps School Spelling Bee Study List
  • many, many insights and tips on maximizing study efficiency and Bee Day performance from the 2015 Scripps National Spelling Bee Runner-Up, who is now an elite spelling coach with eleven total years of bee experience!
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NOTE: This is a downloadable file. As soon as you purchase it you’ll be provided a link to download it.

Because right now is school spelling bee season, I’m putting this guide on sale for the next couple weeks. I hope it helps you in your Bee journey!

At the end of every Classroom or School Bee, there is a set of incredibly challenging “Additional Words” which are intended to whittle down the last spellers in the bee. Per Scripps, these words are selected from no list in particular, so there is no way to study for them.

That’s where this guide comes in!

Written by the 2015 Scripps National Spelling Bee Runner-Up (and eight-time school bee champ) who now coaches the world’s most elite spellers, the 2020 School Bee Supplement is a 75-page, all-encompassing guide on how to win any Classroom or School Spelling Bee. It contains everything you need to be all-but unstoppable, including

  • an estimated 96.0% of the 2020 Classroom and School Additional Words, a percentage totally unrivaled by any other resource on the market (the 23,382-word Consolidated Word List is second with an estimated 69.1%)
  • 1,300 handpicked words statistically proven to be the most likely to show up as Additional Words in any 2020 Classroom or School Bee
  • the five requirements you need to meet to be your school spelling bee champion
  • the entire 450-word 2019-2020 Scripps School Spelling Bee Study List with accompanying word information
  • how to have an elite study mentality
  • how to maximize your performance on Bee Day
  • many, many tips, insights, tricks, shortcuts, secrets, study activities, study tools, efficiency-boosters, rules, and exceptions I’ve accumulated through eleven years of bee experience
  • thorough explanation of exactly what to expect for how the Classroom and School Bees will be run

There are 100 words for each grade (1st-8th), 400 “Supplemental Words,” and 100 “Punctuated Words,” the latter two which are esoteric words modeled after the end-of-bee words from past Classroom and School Bees.

This guide is the first publicly available resource I’ve released in almost two years, and is the product of several months of my life devoted to highly in-depth research and painstaking analysis of thousands of data sets and lists released by Scripps and other bee-prep companies compared to trends from over a decade of past Classroom and School Bees.

The School Bee Supplement is the same resource students in my coaching program study to prepare for school-level competition. And so far, in what’s now my third year of coaching, I’ve yet to have even one student fail to win their school bee. If you’re looking to master your Classroom and School Bees, you will not find a better resource!

If it’s in your Bee, it’s in this guide!

I hope this helps you in your Bee journey, and keep on spelling! You’re awesome!! 🙂

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Very Impressive!
Great material with vocabulary too

4 thoughts on “2020 School Bee Supplement

  1. This is a bit specific and nit picky, sorry. On your product page, where it shows the example pages from the book, it tells you to consider buying a word club subscription from Scripps for $20. However, I believe that they discontinued the online word club, and they are supposed to come out with a new one in mid-December(a few days). I could be wrong, but I checked on the word club availability a couple of days ago, and the app is supposed to come out shortly. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t wrong, and the app has already come out and I didn’t know.

  2. Please cole please what do I do??? I purchased it but I exited the tab and now it’s gone … how do I get it back without buying again??? Please help as my school bee is Friday!!!!

    • Hey Lucas, sorry about that! Fixed the issue so it shouldn’t happen again. I just sent you an email with the 2020 School Bee Supplement. Good luck on Friday!!

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