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The 2018 School Bee Supplement is a statistically-proven guide targeted at the Additional Words in the Classroom and School Bees, which are not provided to any speller and are by far the most challenging part of the bee.

This guide contains 1,200 words. There are 100 study words for each grade (1st through 8th) and 400 ‘Supplemental Words,’ which are esoteric words modeled after the end-of-bee words in Classroom and School Bees in years past.

This guide also contains everything you need to know about how to win your School Bee, study tips, and in-bee strategies to maximize performance.

Take a look at the School Bee Supplement (Sample).



At the end of every Classroom or School Bee, there is a set of incredibly challenging “Additional Words” which are intended to whittle down the last spellers in the bee. Per Scripps, these words are selected from no list in particular, so there is no way to study for them.

Until now.

Thousands of data sets, including decades of old Additional Words and how they compare to other lists such as the Consolidated Word List, Paideia, old School Study Lists, Regional Additional Words , my own lists, and much more, allowed me to develop an algorithm to predict the 2018 Additional Words in the Classroom and School Bee. Hours upon hours of carefully fine-tuning this formula finally produced the numbers to show for it.

Out of the 1,200 words on the School Bee Supplement, 575 were used as past Additional Words in the School or Classroom Bees since 2009, meaning Additional Words are about 48% of the total.

Let’s look at the competition. In the list widely considered to be the best resource for Additional Words, the Consolidated Word List, Additional Words make up only 5% . 

I encourage you to see for yourself on the School Bee Supplement (Sample) . The data tables are on the last page.

For any speller wanting to master their Classroom or School Bee, this guide is revolutionary and unrivaled.

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  1. Can someone please give me the words in this list? My school bee is on Friday and I will not have time to study it as shipping will take some time. I plan to order the book though in preparation for next year, it’s just I don’t have the time right now. Thanks for your help!

  2. The bee supplement was very useful in the sense – some of the tips and strategies you have highlighted there – that gave a lot of confidence to my daughter after reading thru it – as she was following lot of those strategies but seeing it in a document from you made her feel that she is doing it correctly.
    Of course the list itself helped but she was already preparing using your suggestions and lists that you have suggested on your website .
    It was very well laid out and precise . That makes it very useful .

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