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Learning Spell It! thoroughly is the only way you can reach the later rounds of your district and regional/state bees.  It is completely imperative you know every word on all 14 different categories of the list by heart.  You can find the entire list, as well a couple  tips on myspellit.com.  The following documents are lists of all of the Spell-It! words.  The first document is the one I would recommend for quick learning because it is more focused on the words themselves, better-organized, and categorizes the words by language.  It’s also not as much of a hassle to print as the full study guide.  The booklet is useful for teaching language patterns, as is the analysis I’ve given on the specific language pages.  Feel free to print these, or any of the individual language lists I made, and have someone quiz you (or do whatever type of studying that works for you.)

Words: 1,155

Spell It!

Spell-It! Booklet

Spell It! Words In Alphabetical Order**

Spell It! Study Guide (162 Pages)**

*These lists are in alphabetical order, but I recommend you study by language of origin.  That way, you can determine patterns about each language while learning the individual words.

*In 2015, Spell-It! was the Round 2 study guide.


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  1. If you want a list there is a link up above that will take you to the spellit page and that page has about 1000 words to study for district, regional and state competition. If you want the school or spelling list your school should have provided them for you.

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