Words Of Champions

Words of Champions was the first Scripps-provided study list, and it preceded Paideia.  A new edition of Words of Champions released yearly, each of which contained little over 3000 words.  Every year, about 550 words were rotated in and out of the list.  Anyways, it’s pretty old.  However, it’s definitely still relevant, and has plenty of very good words.  This list has consolidated the words used on past editions.  The hardest words from this list (Final and Intermediate) would probably show up as Regional Additional Words or in the earlier rounds at the national bee.  I’d recommend at the very least giving them a look.*

Words: 5,729

Words of Champions

Words Of Champions – Third Grade

Words Of Champions – Fourth Grade

Words Of Champions – Fifth Grade

Words Of Champions – Sixth Grade

Words Of Champions – Seventh Grade

Words Of Champions – Eighth Grade

Words Of Champions – First Round

Words Of Champions – Intermediate

Words Of Champions – Final

*Thanks to the user “Schola”, who gave helpful information pertaining to this list in the comments!


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  1. Keep up the good work here!

    “Words of *the* Champions” was a study booklet issued by Scripps Howard each year and contained a little over 3000 words categorized in three sections: Beginning Words (examples: bamboozle, chalice, porridge), Intermediate Words (examples: asthmatic, flannelette, pyrite), and Advanced Words (examples: anchusa, leucocholy, yaxche). Each year about 550 words were rotated in and out of the list.

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